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What we do

For almost 30 years, Dennis Theriault Taxidermy, has preserved and given avid sportsmen throughout New England exquisite trophies to exhibit and cherish. Preserve the memory of your hunting adventure.

Life Size

Life size posing of your mount and enhancing its best features is the key to a meaningful mount.

Heads & Half Mounts

Heads and half mounts are easier to hang and less expensive than full mount taxidermy.


Whether it is a waterfowl, upland bird or turkey, our avian art is completed with proven quality.


Handcrafted custom fishmounts and specialty items.

Items For Sale

What Hunters Should Know

We specialize in deer, bear, moose, birds, and small mammal taxidermy.

About Dennis

Dennis Theriault is an avid hunter as well as a taxidermist. He shot his first deer when he was 12. In high school he started dabbling with taxidermy. He tried to improve his work as he learned more from people who were doing it better than he was. He attended seminars and visited top taxidermist in the country to help fine tune his work. He has always tried and will continue to do the best work he can. He has been practicing the art of Taxidermy for over 25 years. His experience has allowed him to develop a superior process that not only replicates your trophies realistic life form, but it will retain its superior quality lasting a lifetime as well! He offers reasonable pricing and quality Maine workmanship!

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